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Making cities smarter. Enriching lives through technology.

Cities are constantly evolving and expanding, and our mission is to meet the demands of the future city by utilising technology. In today’s world, connectivity is integral to how we go about our daily lives – it is now the fourth essential utility. As a result, we’re developing human-centred, scalable smart city products that provide solutions for a digitally-enabled growing population.

Our expert team of engineers, technologists, planners and creatives are passionate about providing benefits to urban environments and more importantly, to the people that live and work within them.




At the cutting-edge of the digital revolution. Using data to transform our cities.

Our vision is one of a technology-based environment which truly enhances urban society. The products we create generate valuable data, which is harnessed to develop valuable solutions, meeting the needs and problems facing cities and citizens today.

Our smart products, solutions and all the data we collect through our products’ sensory capabilities are made open source, and utilised by local authorities and universities. This creates the opportunity for authorities to implement the initiatives that most matter to you, the people.

We create tailored solutions for cities by harnessing technology, and we do it free of charge to both the user and the public purse. Our first product, Pulse Smart Hub, has been described as a “game-changer” – learn more about the Pulse project by using the button below.




Engineering smart city solutions. Bringing them to life through design.

At the Urban Innovation Company, excellent design is at the core of everything we do, informing the way our smart-city solutions are engineered. Our whole disruptive approach to the smart city space comes from a grounding in design. We enhance the urban landscape with striking products, which are hyper-functional.

Ultimately, we add bespoke design to the technological mix, and this is what truly separates us from the rest.


Designing smart city technology that enhances lives.